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From Iż-Żebbuġ one can admire a panoramic view of the island of Gozo and often the island of Sicily. The village is around 3.5 km long. The parish church is built almost in the center joining together two other slopes called ‘il-Ponta’ and ‘ix-Xagħra l-Kbira’. ‘Il-Ponta’ is the highest point, 126 meters above sea level. Looking around the slopes of ‘Ta’ Abram’ and ‘iż-Żebbug’ one can find interesting places like s-Sellum, Tat-Taflija, Ta’ Laveċċa, Tal-Birgu, Tal-Kanun, Ta’ Dun Wistin, Ta’ Ċikku, Ta’ Dilokka, Taċ-Ċaqra, Tal-Bugar, Ta’ Għajn Quċċat, Is-Sagħtrija, Ta’ Bembla, L-Għajn Mħelħel, Ta’ Tutijiet, Tal-Ħluq, Ta’ Gullu, Ta’ Milied, Ta’ Ġienju, Ta’ Abram u Ta’ Ċenċ.

The history of Iż-Żebbuġ goes back to 1282 were the local community was already growing and probably they could have already built a small chapel. Throughout the years they built several small chapels until the 28th April 1688 Iż-Żebbug with three other church villages of Gozo became parishes by decree of Bishop David Cocco Palmieri. Fr Francis Vella was appointed the first Parish priest of Iż-Żebbuġ, a position that he held for 54 years. This historic date of the establishment of Iż-Żebbuġ parish has become an important event in the local calendar of the village. This day is remembered with special celebrations organized by the Local Council since 1999.